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My thoughts on the lj drama in my journal

So here are my thoughts on the whole drama that happened in here for the past two weeks. The drama started over the simple fact that captivatiingly and I had the same Jessica Simpson header/icon. clearly the girl couldn't grasp it and thats why the big drama started. The fact of the matter was that she didn't like it and wasn't able to accept it so she had to run to her friends for some help in order for me to take down the header/icon that I made. Clearly if gallery had the pictures posted and viewable to the public then the public would be able to make graphics and use them for their own means. I clearly thought they were nice pictures of her performance thats why I used them in the first place. But oh no captivatiingly had to go and make a big fuss over a simple god damn layout header/icon. I guess this 20 year old who she says is engaged is clearly pathetic and can't handle the fact that other people will indeed use the same pics as her and she won't be able to accept the fact. She is still dwelling over it and has posted an lj entry over the stupid IP address which clearly she can't put a name on it cause it's not mine. If she was so grown up she would have the comments enabled so anyone can make a comment but she is so scared that she actually has them disabled. If she was such a grown up as she says she is she would probably stop dwelling over it and get a life other than lj and take down the entry and make people who think she is a grown up. See that she is actually an adult and stop with the whole internet drama. So she is dwelling in the past as we can all see as she has a stupid entry up. TWO WORDS captivatiingly GROW UP FOR GOODNESS SAKE your making your self look bad clearly you can't grasp the fact that I have indeed moved on. Just my thoughts on it
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